Guaranteed 100% 4 band Car GPS Tracker/Locator, GT02A Google Link, Real Time Tracking

Guaranteed 100% 4 band Car GPS Tracker/Locator, GT02A Google Link, Real Time Tracking

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GPS type: GPS Tracker
Model Name: GT02A
Brand Name: DYEGOO
100% 4 band Car GPS Tracker/Locator, 
GT02A Google Link, 
Real Time Tracking

GT02A is a Mini intelligent GPS Vehicle positioning terminal. It combines the GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning system technology,terminals using industrial-grade highly integrated design,intelligent power-saving and passive drift suppression,installation is simple,connect the power supply to start work immediately,wide inpute voltage range,wide applicable to all types of cars,motor cycles,electric cars,ships,etc., can provide all-weather,real-time vehicle positioning function,with global positioning service platform,you can achieve remote vehicle management.

Installed position suggested:

The tracker is GSM 2G network device,please use Sim card which support GSM 2G network.


 Side key function

At normal-work indication status, press the side key, all the three LEDs will extinguish and then the device will enter covert working mode. Press the key again, the three LEDs will go back to normal-work indication status.



Please click English to change to English language.

Login as Account or ID, Account is same as ID(IMEI last 11bits),ID is in the label on the tracker.

Enter ID(IMEI last 11bits)





When download, please click UK flag to change to English.

For some Android mobile phone,it is needed to install GoogleServicesFramework.apk, if there no this APK,it can not display google maps in APP.

Please search GoogleServicesFramework.apk by google and install it first,then install DYEGOO Google maps app.


In production, IP,port have been writed in, normally the tracker

will be auto online, if the tracker offline, Please set APN by sms command.

Please get APN from sim card inserted mobile operator.

If you lost IP,port,please send below sms command to set them back:





Please do not use USB port,it is only for factory to download software,if you use it,will hurt the tracker.




SMS command

There no space in sms command.

When enter SMS text,some mobile phone auto add space,please take care about it.


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